Empowering forest workers and harvesters of non-timber forest products in northern California, Oregon and Washington to improve their lives and livelihoods.

The mission of the Northwest Forest Worker Center is to promote forest stewardship that is respectful of all workers and harvesters and the land.

Our vision is a forest sector that...
  • Treats forest workers and harvesters with dignity and fairness regardless of cultural background, country of origin, immigration status, race, gender or any other social category;
  • Permits workers and harvesters to participate in decisions that directly affect their lives and livelihoods;
  • Respects the skill and ecological knowledge workers and harvesters contribute to forest stewardship;
  • Restores and/or maintains forest health.
Our work focuses on...
  • Educating workers and harvesters, policy makers, agency officials, employers and landowners about worker rights, fair working conditions, and environmental ethics;
  • Recognizing, valuing and expanding worker and harvester skills in stewarding the land;
  • Facilitating multiparty monitoring of forest practices, working conditions, policy implementation and conditions on the land;
  • Facilitating worker and harvester input into informing forest resource decision making, planning and policy implementation;
  • Seeking enforcement of applicable labor laws and changing and/or developing new laws to achieve our mission and vision.